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​9/11 2010
Reflections, September 11, 2010jsc

   It has been nine years today since the events that impelled President George W. Bush in a speech to the nation on September 20, 2001 to declare a "war of 'Patient Justice' on terrorism". In the months and years that followed, however grand his rhetoric that evening, all that was soon forgotten and never recalled. He would rule by war bound by no law. Justice became a casualty of war with evidence of brutality in the conduct of war, and a blatant disregard for constitutional principles joined the hallmarks of his presidency. Such behavior must have our founding fathers (and mothers, for women were very much involved in birthing our nation) turning in their graves. Our enemies take notice and must be satisfied, their actions of 9/11 having been intended to plant a Trojan Horse in the American psyche.

   In 2008 a clear majority of U.S. citizens in an election supported by the electoral college made Barack Hussein Obama president, a lawyer, and someone who promised to abide by the rule by law. And, while his heart may be in the right place, his policies of war and law, much to the great disappointment of much of humanity, seem little different than his predecessor. Maybe his time will come yet. What we know for sure is that after nine years of war for the United States in what was hoped would be quick and easy wars, and after fourteen years since al- Qaeda declared war on the West in 1996 in what they expect to be a hundred years of war, given all the other negative signs for the future, it appears that, whatever is going to happen, there is nothing easy or quick in the future to solve what ails us. 

   The option remains to pursue justice patiently through the rule of law, for George Bush's instincts nine years ago were right, but he lost his way. Or do we continue to pursue the rule of war led by a president who understands the rule of law, but who to date appears to lack the vision to carry that promise forth. Time may be running out on those who know our best chance for a peaceful and prosperous future for our children is law, as those who believe in war continue to set the course in this year of our Lord, 2010. God help us all. 
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