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Boston Marathon Terror Attack
April 21, 2013jsc
   That the drama of the Boston Marathon Attack is playing out its last phase of the manhunt in Watertown, Massachusetts is personal. Watertown is the hometown of my beloved wife now twenty months ago dead. It is the town where we first fell deeply in love walking the streets where more recently the suspect hid and was found. 

   I hear the outrage at what was done and I see the joy that the evil one has been found. The media allowing anyone and everyone who wants to be a voyeur to listen to talking heads caught in a dualistic mind-set talk of “us and them”, “I and other”, “we are good, they are bad”. 

   Evil begets evil. And when evil has been begotten, inevitably it heads us toward more war. Thus the distance between “me and other”, and “us and them” grows bigger as distrust seeps ever deeper into our collective unconscious. Noam Chomsky has just finished a book: his thesis is that nuclear war is more likely than not. The future is there for anyone to see, and the Boston terror attack remind me of this. (World War III)

   What is missing from the evening news and more alarming still unspoken in mainstream Christian churches (and missing in other faiths as well) is what all the wise ones and divinities have said: What you do to the least, you do to all. We must remember that like a leaf on a tree, we are connected to the tree. We fail to see the branch and trunk to which we are attached. What happens in one part of the cosmic human body happens to the whole. Evil over there will manifest itself here; just as good over there manifests itself here. And so on. That we think the thought that we are separate from one another is both delusion and illusion. 

   When the talking heads on TV and the preachers on Sunday start helping us to see that it is not others, but us that is the problem, we can begin to have hope. We heal ourselves, others will heal as well. Until then, war will continue as the default position for settling human conflict. Watertown, Massachusetts is one more notch in the belt of the god of war at work in the Age of Terrorism. 

   We know this: Until the Law of Love rules the next best thing is the Rule of Law grounded in Love, globally applied. Make the rule of law the order of the day for all humanity and the platform to set in motion a dynamic that will yield a humanity ruled not by the dominator model of life that idolizes the god of war, but rather an inclusive model of society that venerates the goddess of justice. 

   Patriarchy transformed.
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