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February 11, 2013
Headline: Hillary Clinton – For President, No, For Equal Rights Amendment, Yes. 

Dear Hillary Clinton,
  I read in the news that you have many options --- some say run for president, some say work for your husband --- but when I read that you, “will continue advocating for women’s rights around the world”, my heart leaps for joy. If I am right, listen to your heart, for your greatest work is yet ahead of you. Not as president, for that time has gone. Never look back. I believe this is always good advice. Some might say as president you could make ERA happen, but I think that a herculean task and unlikely. 

  You are admired, you are respected, and you are loved. You are a champion. And, there are those who cannot abide your inclusive values, too Christian, even for many Christians, and hate you. Love, equality, and justice, this is your foundation, and it is so “right on” and in keeping with the spirit of the first line of our Constitution

   And, herein lies your destiny. Accomplish this and you will be one of the greatest American women, ever. An Equal Rights Amendment. American women having the courage to take on patriarchy at home will inspire more than anything else could, women all over the world. It is time to put a dagger into the heart of patriarchy, beginning here in the United States. Lead from the home front. It is time women, and the men who love them, come out from behind the skirts of Phyllis Schlafly

   As a well-educated white male I will not vote for president any woman, until that woman is my equal under the Constitution. For me it is a matter of principal. 

  As Fredrick Douglass put it, “Power concedes nothing without demand, it never has and it never will.” 

   I am counting on you, Hillary and so are millions of other women and the men who love them, to make our Constitution gender and sexual orientation inclusive. As Abigail Adams wife of President John Quincy said, "Remember all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies we … will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation”. Women now have voice and representation, and now is the time to make it official in our Constitution. Abigail and the great women who stood up for women’s rights would approve. 

  And, I am one of those men who will be on your side … and I believe there are millions of us waiting the call. And, I will be proud to know I did my part to see a daughter of the next generation, president, constitutionally guaranteed my equal. 

   If ever there were a time it is now, and if ever there were a need for a leader, it is you Hillary Clinton. And to have Bill by your side; who can doubt his powers of persuasion; together you are a great American couple. True love sees its way through betrayal by forgiveness. Is this not what God of Love teaches? And, together, we can make it happen. 
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