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The Enemies Evolve 
October 11, 2010jsc

   Osama bin Laden recently produced an audio tape that revealed a change in Al-Qaeda's strategy of war. He makes no mention of attacks on the West and states that he plans to play the humanitarian card, particularly to the Pakistani people, many of whom seethe in anger at the "Americans". Pakistan is beset by the rule of war and by floods of Biblical proportions. Apparently many believe the "foreigner" is behind their fate. They suffer from not having enough to eat and drink and they want for a dry place to sleep; they feel the pain of great injustices. The injustice of terrorism, the terror of war unbounded by law, haunts them in the temple and in the market place. And now, a beyond-the-norms-of-nature flood and slow aid in coming to help those in distress. The enemy of the West sees an opening and is adjusting his strategy of war. While no one seems to know anything about Osama's current circumstance, his hidden existence suggests he can only survive by remaining deep in the underground of the culture in which he lives. U.S bombers aided by spy satellites and special forces are looking day and night for him, and shoot at anything resembling him, even on shaky intelligence. His death will only martyrize him, for he has done his earthly work. 
​   From East's perspective the war goes well, even as the close-in picture reveals an organization under ceaseless attack by all the power of the best and brightest in the West's vaunted military might. Still standing and winning by objective measures of war, Osama sleeps well. Having drawn his superior foe into war in his lands to fight on his territory, and with the collusion of George W. Bush's Doctrine of War, he has the U.S. military stretched to the limit. He can see that his enemy has only the nuclear option if things get out of control. This is not a good position for anyone to be in, but from Osama's perspective what his enemy would do, if things go nuclear, suits him just fine. He wanted Saddham Hussein gone, and by quirks and turns of the fates got the Americans to do it for him. Getting your enemy to your dirty work - that is the ultimate winning war strategy. He has studied Sun Tzu well. 

    Meanwhile the West is a long way from bragging, as the United States did in the ’80s that they could fight a two-front war in distant lands. Be careful what you pray for. The U.S. military industrial complex planned for space- age wars that may well come to be in the future, but for now that is not the wars they fight. Planning for the next war on the basis of the last war is always a mistake and no less so this time as they slog it out on the ground in hostile territory with long logistical lines. No doubt having air and naval superiority is good, but in the end victory in war is about occupying territory.

    Meanwhile the people of the West grow tired of war unending. Having rejected in 2008 what was proffered in 2001 and 2003 as quick and easy wars of the neo-conservative new American century world view. They elected Barack H. Obama, who as a candidate held out the hope for rule by law to solve our problems. That he follows Bush in war is a great disappointment and of deep concern for progressive thinkers, as they see the dangers of this war unfolding on the current course. They pray that in a second term unconstrained by the next election he will show is true colors. This is what conservatives really fear and why they work so hard to destroy him. 

    Meanwhile Osama bin Laden has survived into the second decade of war in the face of the greatest military might ever in world history, and he sees his enemy as demoralized, in debt, and continuing to follow policies of war that work to his advantage. Fourteen years into a hundred-year war plan and things are going not too badly. So now, seeing his enemy wounded and limping, he throws in a game-changer. Time to play the good cop, appeal to a people suffering long in need for comfort and aid. 

    The West's strategy of war requires it to be both good cop and bad cop. The history of war shows these kinds of guerrilla wars have been won, but they take a long time and a lot of resources in material and blood, with no certain victory. Perhaps if the West commits another ten years and several trillions dollars to "win", perhaps then Osama will rethink his long-term view, but now he must feel pretty good. The news is even better for him for, as he sees it, the enemy that the West fights is a figment of their minds. His goal is defensive: to get the West out of the way of Muslim history. The longer the West deludes itself into believing it is fighting a global war against terrorism, the better. War is always a matter of disguise and deceit. That the West is distracted by mosquitoes and invests a lot of resources to swat at them works well for him. He now takes the next step in the ever-changing nature of war. One side one does one thing, the other side finds some way to counter, and ups the ante, all part of its plan for victory. Wars are fought by humans on the ground, but they are won in the minds of generals. What is the West's plan for victory? There is none. There is hardly even a strategy for exiting an already lost war. War for the sake of war is a losing strategy. 

    So, Osama bin Laden is playing the humanitarian card, all part of the hearts-and-minds strategy of guerrilla war, and how shall the West respond? Will the West continue to escalate the illegal border war in Pakistan as it attempts to get out of Afghanistan? Will U.S. citizens, reflexively, perhaps hemmed in by an ever-conservative war promoting mainstream media, not even consider a bold alternative: Match the enemy's hand and then raise the level of the game? What if the West matches dollar-for-dollar humanitarian aid to Pakistan, and anywhere else as well, and other than monitoring by a third party to ensure that the aid gets to the suffering, there are no strings attached. And, to sweeten the pot, assuming peace is the West's objective, the West simultaneously begins withdrawing all military forces from all Muslim lands. And, then raise the hand, challenge bin Laden to agree to a "no-first-strike rule of war". Obama promised to talk to our enemies. Do it! This would be the first step in "standing down", stepping away from terrorism, the terror of war unbounded by law. Of course, each side would be on guard for infringement for trust is nil, and there are those on both sides who want and believe in war. We must not forget those who believe in war are currently in charge of our future. On present course, with each side convinced it is winning, and with peace negotiations in the Middle East on shaky grounds, World War III becomes more inevitable. Should East and West agree to such a "standing down" accord, this would back humanity away from the precipice of cataclysmic war. These would be small steps, all part of a plan, till such a time as the Rule of Law is globally applied in matters of conflict that affect us all. Otherwise local law applies. Should Obama follow this course, history will reward him greatly. (Law or war?)

    When you love someone you set your "stuff" aside; You lay your ego needs and wants aside. You let the deeper self take over and make your center of gravity become the servant of other in the name of Love. This is the fundamental meaning of the law fulfilled by love of which Jesus speaks. Infused with the universal love the law becomes Just. (Ego-Self) This way of understanding can be the basis for a new order of civilization, one based on rule of law infused with Universal Love. 

   The enemy of the West evolves and puts forth a humanitarian hand, and whatever the motive, this is a step in a positive direction. How shall the West respond? Negatively or positively? In the fog of war who knows how it will turn out, for these are either the early steps to World War III by 2050, or avoiding it.
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