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Carbon dioxide level crosses milestone at Hawaii site
By Environment Correspondent Deborah Zabarenko
WASHINGTON | Sat May 11, 2013 5:32am EDT 
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The amount of climate-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere topped 400 parts per million at a key observing station in Hawaii for the first time since measurement began in 1958, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Friday.
Here We Go
   Here we go. Four hundred parts per million is the number that rapid climate change theory has been predicting will serve as a critical marker. Look to the past to see the future. That humanity has yet to take that number seriously  (State of Humanity 2013) tells us that we are in nefarious times. The gods of war and greed dominate the planet, the ingredients warned about by Tennyson’s Locksley Hall and the “ghastly dew” that is about to befall us. 

   We live in a tiny bluish bubble on the face of this green planet and what if we see too late that our bubble is in peril? Not from the ever shifting vagaries of nature, but from our collective belief in the gods of war and greed. We are in danger of destroying this civilization, our civilization. 

   And, until we choose different gods to worship, we will continue to advance toward the same outcome. Why not venerate the God of Love instead? Humanity fails to see what must be done to provide for its posterity, as commanded by the first line of the United States Constitution, to maintain and protect a life-sustaining planet to bequeath to our great-great children. If we fail in this matter, they will surely hate us.

   Or, perhaps the rapid climate change theory is all wrong for the right reasons. Perhaps in the end we will stumble into the dark times ahead and it will not be as bad as climate change theory predicts. We may muddle our way into the next age, hoping for a good outcome. We may trust our future to the god of war with us for so long that we will forget we have a choice in the gods we worship. 

   Peace is humanity’s long-standing and constant prayer. We can have peace on earth when law rules only if a critical mass of humanity images, desires, wills, and wants it to be. Most everyone I talk to expects a catastrophic future, expects the Boston-bombing scenario to become more frequent an event, the beginning of the end. It is almost as if everyone knows how the story will end on our present course ... in World War III, - but no one wants to say it. We must be brave. Let us see the big picture, for want of an opportunity missed to rise to our better collective self, before our worst self destroys us. Let us seize the day, and to rise to a human global civilization ruled by law, for want of a name, a World of Nations. 

   This can be so when enough of us want it. 

    Let’s imagine together September 21, 2016 , and put in place a plan to make that date humanity’s coming out en-masse, marching for the rule of law universally applied. The demand: A World of Nations by 2020. Plan to be on your street that day. 

    The Age of Peace is before us if we would see how the rule of law upheld across the planet can accomplish that. In justice there will be peace on earth. As Tennyson noted, after “plunging thro’ the thunder-storm” humanity, “in the Federation of world … shall hold a fretful realm in awe, And the kindly earth shall slumber, lapped in universal law.”

    The only important question historians in centuries to come will have when they write about century 21: Did humanity have to go through World War III? And the only important question we have before us today is: Law or War, in which do we trust? 

    With peace as humanity’s greatest prayer and with virtual reality interconnecting us in global consciousness, it is now possible to act in global interconnectedness to answer the question, whether we choose to enter the Age of Peace or the Age of Catastrophe?

   Here we go, as rapid climate change theory meets reality; carbon levels reaching and surpassing 400 parts per million and rising one hundred times faster than at the end of the last ice age. I read one climate change theorist saying in response to this marker that the road ahead “could get bumpy”. I am betting on catastrophe. And I pray that I am misguided. 
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