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"Israel must Be Stopped"
Reflections March 20, 2010jsc

   United Nations Chief General Secretary Ban Ki-moon proclaimed from Ramallah on the West Bank that Israel must be stopped from continuing to build settlements on occupied lands. He noted that this building on occupied lands is illegal according to international law. This pronouncement comes right after Israel insulted Vice President Biden of the United States of America on a state visit focused on restarting Middle East peace talks. Unconscionably this behavior was directed toward a representative of Israel's strongest foreign supporter! It may well be that this kind of behavior, which seems driven by arrogance, was born from a time of one of the gravest of crimes against Jews, the Holocaust. Having been thus betrayed by humanity, again, for there have been many other horrific crimes against this people over the centuries, it is understandable why Israel would mistrust international law. 
   The horror of that event can easily be understood as part of the formation of national character, the victim becoming the victimizer to make sure that such an outrage happens, "Never Again." However, there is growing awareness that Israeli illegal behavior is becoming a threat to all humanity. If left unchecked some fear Israel's foreign policy will become one of the driving factors causing World War Three. In truth, for those of us who support Israel's right to exist see that nation on a self destructive path. What must be remembered is that the United Nations, the second step toward global law, was born out of the belief that when global law, not global war, rules, the fruits of a human civilization at peace will be felt by all. That Israel now should be at the center of whether humanity takes the third step toward a humanity ruled more and more by global law is not a historical accident. How fitting that a nation whose people are steeped in the study of law should now find a way to unite all humanity under the rule of law, a world of nations striving to be at peace. Notice the phrasing of Ban-Ki moon's statement. Not "Israel must stop", but "Israel must be stopped". When an individual or a nation can no longer stop doing what is harmful to itself and/or others, it must be stopped. It is just for a civil global society ruled by law to step in for the protection of all. First that society should apply sanctions, then cut off international aid, and if necessary put boots on the ground to ensure peace for all. This vision is an exercise in trust for all humanity, and all the more so for Israel. But trust we must, for the alternative is catastrophic, the scope and contours of which, while yet unknown, are frightening to contemplate
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