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Making Peace 2012 
Reflections February 11, 2011jsc 

    What final historical markers will be used to stage the Age of Terrorism are yet to be revealed. However, there are markers going back decades, and some would say hundreds of years, leading up to the age of war unbounded by law in which we live. This age like all others will end; the only question is how. (Law or War) 

   It is observed that "we the people" of the United States of America have been at war psychologically with al Qaeda since the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. And, then again in September 11, 2001. We the people not yet healed from fifty years of cold war and this new hot war was thrust upon us. Old minds-sets came into the foreground, most evidenced by George W. Bush's doctrine of war, in essence fighting the last war.

   Before 9/11 some us "we the people" had bragged about being able to fight two wars in distant lands at the same time, and we had spent trillions of dollars to prepare for space wars. But alas, war is still about holding territory, and as military history shows fighting the last war is the road to failure. And alarmingly, failure is what we see. At best we will only manage to avoid defeat on present course. But there is a real possibility of catastrophe. The Captain of the Titanic in calm seas and full moon making it difficult to see reported icebergs ahead, ordered full steam ahead.
   With the events in North Africa and several middle Eastern countries - Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Qatar, and perhaps more soon to follow in the winter of 2011, a revolt by the people, based on peaceful marching and unified by a belief in the power of the rule of law democratically based, perhaps we see an alternative to our war on terrorism. A way for we the people of the United States of America to lawfully side with those who long for democracy based on liberty. Even so, these change comes from within, but will not be easy. (Doing Battle With War Itself). Think of the long and bitter struggles in Europe as the people freed themselves of dictatorial rule by kings and bishops. But by giving honest witnessing to their struggles in the global information age, we the people are on the right side of history. Peace movements even as the blood of martyrs is shed by each people in all nations and territories to find their own way to live in peace with one another. And, hopefully to join a humanity under the rule of law. Our job as we the people of the United States of America is join other like minded people on the face of the earth to offer an alternative to war to support them as they struggle to throw down dictatorial terror- driven regimes. Regimens many of whom we the people have funded. It could be argued that much of United States of America's foreign police has been on the wrong side of history since we and the British over-threw the fledging democracy in Iran in 1953. Image how different our world would be now, if we had not allowed the capitalists to over throw a neophyte democracy that would interfere with their profits? It is not too hard to imagine how democracy empowered by Arabs and Muslims would have spread from within. Now some fifty years plus and we the people are paying a price, our roosters, as they say, are coming home, so given what we know the going will be tough. There is a price to pay for being on the wrong side of history, defined as the inexorable rise of the person empowered to have a say in affairs at large. With justice fairly applied according to local custom the person experiences some control over his/her lot in life. A vote honestly counted in fair democratic elections is a global human right. So the going will be tricky and patience must be our virtue. See my prayer for George W. Bush (2001) when patience could have been his choice. President Obama seems to be charting a careful course that puts us on the side of the people, not the oligarchs. And the hard part having done what we can to then stand back and like good parents watch these struggles which at times will be bloody, but keeping a watchful eye on those who would commit crimes against humanity. Even war, and civil war more so, has rules. The slaughter of the innocent and reprisal killing by the victor will call for the reach of the arm of global law. We may not yet be ready to set war aside, but we can be damn sure there are some rules. Terrorism, war unbound by law, is Evil, for the innocent suffer needlessly. Until war the god of war is no longer needed as the ultimate answer to our problems, even so the god of war is subject to the rule of law. Torture as defined by the Geneva Accords is evil and a crime against humanity. Rich men can pay poor men to fight their wars, but at least the poor man can go to war knowing that there are some rules. George Washington banded torture, one would wonder what he would say of George W. Bush? The Rule of Law, Justice  is what "we the people" want. This is the basis of a doctrine of peace. (Global Charter) 

   In the meantime, we the people are supporting a perpetual war that started in earnest after September 11, 2001. It appears evermore true that 9/11 was a tipping point in human history. And after a decade of war which way history is tipping, although there is strong bipolar view/opinion on this, in fact we do not know as the fog of war has not lifted. Perhaps the Egyptian story of an essentially peaceful overthrow of a government long hated for its injustices gives us glimpse of a different way. Perhaps this is the beginning of a global uprising as the innocent of humanity rising up against the lords of war. Perhaps Egypt in 2011 will be the new "trend line" away from war and toward law. But for now war, perpetual war, is our order of the day. 

To We The People: 
   That our enemy has set as the center of gravity (Enemies Evolve) our wealth should give us reason for great pause. They have a plan for victory; what is ours? Our enemy has plans for one hundred years of war; they know we cannot afford to spend trillions of dollars and more on war and more, adding to the country's overall debt in war. We fight among ourselves about who is entitled to what. Are the 2% entitled to their tax breaks, fiddling while Rome burns? Our common debt is a threat to our survival. In whose interest is it that that we remain a house divided? Those who profit from war and promotion of war? Having to break our debt ceiling to fund unpaid wars gives our enemy more hope. That we might shut down our government and not talk of war debt gives our enemy great comfort. Who is this enemy that knows us so well? What is its goal? What does it want? These questions are so often not debated in mainstream media, yet they are of such great import for the times in which we live. Why is this so? 

   The basic answer to what our enemy wants : To get all imperial powers out of their world. That there are radicals on both sides calling for total war is of grave concern as these voices grow louder. What is our goal, our plan for victory? What is our plan to relate to newly free and empowered Muslim states founded , ideally, on democratic law? War or Law

   This is how it looks in the West. After seventeen years of war, we the people of the United States of America, from our enemy's point of view, are weaker; bankruptcy of the United States of America within ten years is not out of the question. Why is this important to them? We the people will no longer be able to field armies to do as we want in Muslim lands and territory. That will mean Victory for them. What do we the people offer as a plan to end the war peacefully? For now, our only answer is perpetual war,  a doctrine of war that plays to our enemy's advantage. The longer we fight, the more we lose. And our situation is more dire still. In the United States of America talk of making peace is judged as traitorous. What must be amazing from our enemy's perspective is how well their long war plan is working: those U.S. citizens who want the war the most, Republican-conservative-Christians, are the very ones who do not want to raise taxes to pay for war. All of them vote to pass the cost of their wars on to their children, and challenge the patriotism of those who question the direction of our wars. The cost of wars now running into the trillions of dollars and still rising hastens the bankruptcy our enemy knows will herald victory for them. It is important to understand that our enemy has undertaken no offensive war against us. They believe the United States of America will collapse in on itself as those who have the most to loss will want to pin the blame of on imagined enemies. That is what Hitler did. Osama bin Laden will be dancing to his grave with dreams of Sarah Palin, or someone ever more so, as president. He has studied Sun Tzu well and he takes joy in the great trick of the mind he foisted on the United States of America on the now infamous events of 9/11. (Trojan Horse) To take the energy of those who oppose you and turn it against themselves in matters of force, this is the Zen of War at its best. Republicans and the Democrats who think like them play the fall guy in this great drama, having been suckered into believing they are the true patriots, when in fact they are doing their enemy's work. This will be one of the great tragic stories of our time, the enemy having planted a seed that becomes the undoing of the meteor-like flash of a great experiment in government undone with an astounding fall from the grace. We are on the road to being a historical blip in the rise of democratic law that fell quickly to earth. There are prophets who speak of these things, but they are ignored or banished. (Chomsky) Jefferson thought the electoral college was a bad idea, and perhaps the choice of Bush over Gore in 2000 will be eventually taken as proof that he was right. Gore if elected, would have continued Clinton's aggressive approach to kill Muja hid Osama on sight , but also prepared to accept his surrender to an international court of law on the charge of crimes against humanity. A President Gore would not have ignored intelligence one month before the 9/11 attack saying our enemy was planning attack by hijacked airplanes. The Lord only knows if any of these actions would have avoided the 9/11 tragedy, for surely there would have been something else, coming from a sworn enemy who had told us to leave its lands or risk attack at any time anywhere. Perhaps Gore, seeing that the rules of international law must be built better to handle the global information age he help create, let's give the man his due, he would have offered a doctrine of peace. Justice and the rule of law would have been our guide. Where might we be today in building a humanity at peace if the rule of law had been our path? 

   But it is not yet too late. The next step in global governance, a World of Nation by 2020 has as its first task establishing international law to outlaw terrorism, the terror of war unbounded from law. Every human being on the face of this earth has the basic right to be able to go to sleep and not wake to the terror of war unbounded. Or go to work and play and face the terror of war unbounded". Or be tortured for want of belief . 

   Instead, we live in an age when war reigns.

   It is important to bring to awareness that we the people of our beloved country insist that we are subject to no international law. It should be no surprise that conservative Republican Christians by a large majority should pride themselves on not being self-reflective about this, and not care to see how they are part of the problem. In the main they prefer to be informed in large majority by the Fox propaganda network. Five minutes listening to the strident opinions on Fox News opinion and you will understand why these conservatives think the way they think. They disdain anything liberal. Yet they are dependent on liberals abroad to achieve their vision of democracy , though that is another story. Liberals are devils in their minds and weak-kneed creatures eating up the little man to boot. Liberalism is for sissy girls and not very manly men. Read gay in subtext. True "Americans" pride themselves on acting from the gut, they say, for action is their middle name. The use of reason is suspected and irrational thought is prized. "Reality" and "facts" - these are a liberal hang-ups. We real "Americans" make reality, they insist. We duke it out with the world, go it alone if need be, and proudly give a royal finger to any law that gets in our way. The Conservative-Republican-Christian camp holds in the main that it is our "destiny" to conquer, blindly see themselves as the good cowboys and for that reason "exceptional" to the rules of history. Lo the prideful will fall. 

   This mind-set, however, is beginning to show signs of stress. Let us hope so, but in the main real Americans in the conservative Christian view assert, "Do not mess with our way of life; it is our time to be empire." Think "Wild West" and this is who "we the people" have become in the minds of a majority of our citizens. And, while I believe the current brand of Republicanism is far from what Lincoln had in mind, Republicans and the Christian conservatives who support them will have to decide whether they are going to return to their political roots or remain captive to corporate fascism. Church, state and capitalists all in bed together, just one big happy family. Well, that may be so for the top 2 percent in income. And, Jesus had some pretty harsh things to say about that. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him? 

   Republicans may make me angry for the way they think and what they stand for, but I understand them. Their actions are consistent with the views they hold. "America" in their view is about making wealth for the few who make it. Being a millionaire is the first rung to being a real American, for this is the "American Dream" realized. Everyone else is to be used and abused along the way, and everyone else as from on high views the masses as little people, less than they who "made it". This is a political philosophy, a point of view of governance that resonates throughout history. This way of being is not humanity at its best. 

   Our Founders prescribed in the first line of our Constitution "Justice", because justice is supreme. We the people marched to the beat of the rule of law as our guide. But instead we have we become the evil empire we once called out? But, all that aside , what I am most horrified and disturbed by is the absolute failure of the socialist-liberal-independent understanding of the message of love taught by all faiths, and offers a bold plan to end the age of terrorism peacefully. I have tried to be nice, so let me be more explicit: This alignment needs to get tough. This camp was castrated some time ago. (Death of the Liberal Class) It is now impotent to deliver the goods, to tell a story of how we can end the age of terrorism without resorting to catastrophic war. It is time for the Voice of Love in the name of peace. 

   Where is the Voice of Peace? So I cry out in strident tones, urging folks in this "camp" to pick some colors, get some balls, and make a plan. No person, no one no matter earthly status is above crimes against humanity. I offer a starting place, a meta-concept: A World of Nations by 2020. Not yet even a blue-print , a gem of a concept long in coming to fruition, global law for a globalized humanity. I believe the innocent of all nations and peoples will unite in support of global laws once they understand what is at stake - World War III

   I continue to hold onto the hope that President Obama will keep his promise and talk to anyone. Friend and foe alike. Convincing me he will do so if elected next time may be the key to getting my vote in 2012. Help me forgive him for covering up George Bush's crimes against the state and humanity. And maybe committing a few of his own. It is time he did what he was elected to do. It is time for him to earn his Nobel Peace Prize from humanity upon his election in 2008, an expression of humanity's desire for peace. He seemed a great hope. 

   It is not too late for greatness for our generation. George Bush (2001) blew it, will Barack Obama find a way to take us there? His first step to greatness should be to offer to meet with Osama bin Laden. No pre-conditions. To seek a peaceful end to war. Why? Is not peace humanity's most enduring prayer? 

   We the people of the United States of America challenge our president to meet our enemy in Rome under the protection of the Holy See and the auspices of Supreme Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders. All religious leaders of all lands attend to bear witness. History will remember our bold move to seek a peaceful end to the age of terrorism. And, if this comes to pass, I believe the story will play bigger as the centuries go by. Such boldness will be viewed with mythic power ten thousand years from now. Through our stories we tell ourselves, we see ourselves. On the present course, what will our story be ten thousand years hence? 

   This we know as we start this adventure. 

   Our enemy wants us out of their lands and culture. They want Muslims to be Muslims and it might be messy within their world as they sort it out. All we can do is support those who believe in justice and liberty. We want peace. They want peace. They want us out; we want out. Let's make a deal. Okay, but we fear stepping out for fear of attack. Or fear of reprisal killings and other acts of inhumanity as we withdrawal. Things are messy, but solvable.

   Problem One: Reinstate no first-strike rules of engagement. In exchange for "standing down" and meeting the requirement of a "getting out of Muslim affairs" each side gives a transformed United Nations the power to hold each side to a "no first strike" principle of war. Humanity stands down from catastrophic war. Each side is in a defensive position as our Constitution allows. It is human right to defend yourself, but it is our preference that this is done in a court of law and not on the battlefield. Of course, radicals on both sides who believe in war for the sake of defending their power will press for war, hence the true enemies of peace will be revealed. We are peacemakers and we press all means for non violent confrontation with evil. We understand blood will be shed. The question is in the name of war or law?  Ending the age of terrorism peacefully and avoiding World War III will not be easy, and worse, success will not be assured, as those who believe in the rule of war rule the day. The god of war has the bullhorn. God help us all. 

   Making peace. Making war. The difference is this: Do we continue to spend trillions and sanction untold suffering in blood and sorrow for the rule of war unbounded, terrorism by any other name, or do we the people choose to spend trillions and some blood and sorrow to build the bridges to justice? From war comes terror, from law comes peace, which do we the people want? That peace is not discussed in the halls of Congress nor in the mainstream media speaks to the death of the liberal class. Osama bin Laden observes this death and rejoices. Of course the great question is: Would Osama bin Laden come to Rome if asked? 

   My, what a story that would be. It is within President Obama's grasp to command it. Peace in 2011; the road is there; will we the people take it, if offered, in Election 2012
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