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More Nuclear Electric Less Nuclear Weapon
March 26, 2019jsc

Kudos to Roy Minet, LNP, Saturday March 16, 2019, “Nuclear Power Will Become Dominant”. He makes a very complicated subject understandable … and opened my eyes. He very persuasively argues the need to change our thinking about nuclear electric power 180 degrees, from first generation nuclear electric bad and dangerous to next generation nuclear electric good and safe. 

As a public safety message I encourage LNP to republish. The numbers on the dangers of rapid climate change are in and true. Deny that and our great, great grandchildren will ask? “How could they be so selfish?” 

In Harrisburg is a Bill to provide tax money subsidizing nuclear electric. PPL wrote me saying they were opposing this Bill. Their reasoning is to appeal to self-interest… increased cost of$130 per year to me. I wrote them I think that cheap given what is at stake. I favor nuclear electricity perhaps to save our planet from boiling. It is time to spend less on and re-allocate trillions in taxes now subsidizing nuclear weapons, and instead those trillions in taxes through private sector to subsidize building next generation nuclear electric plants.

In time nuclear electric is able to stand on its own to become the dominant player in electric energy generation. This lessens the need for war to assure supply of electricity so vital. In this way as earth citizens we build the means to sustain and grow into a global civilization rule by law and not war.