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This Is How Barack Obama Will Earn His Nobel Peace Prize
 September 5, 2013

    Obama is right on Syria’s offense of chemical weapons against its own people, but wrong on his approach and the world is letting him know it.

    G20 leaders in Reuters reports, “The first round at the summit went to Putin as China, the European Union and Pope Francis - in a letter for G20 leaders - aligned themselves more closely with him than with Obama over the possibility and legitimacy of armed intervention.”

    Obama pushes the path of war as humanity struggles to find the path of law; learning how to act as one united humanity to find a way to stop the killing. Attempts to stop it by means of war will only bring more war. Stopping it in the name of international law will set a precedent of humanity standing together to bring law and order to the Syrian people. The use of force in the name of the law to stop the killing … let’s get real; sometimes police have to shoot people to protect the innocent. A known rapist is threatening someone with a gun and the police have the right by law to shoot … a greater good is served even as we violate the sixth commandment. But what is done should be done only after dialogue invoking a loving presence to resolve differences, sitting at the table of negotiation. Some wine, some bread, to relax the mind and calm the soul to ensure that the rule of law and not the rule of war, rules our future. Just as Diana Nyad the long distance swimmer did the impossible by “finding a way”, so must humanity find a way to resolve our differences if not over a drink at the kitchen table, then in court. Taking our differences to the street is out of bounds and made so by effective law enforcement. Among all the civilian and secular jobs there are, surely one of the most heroic is law enforcement. 

    Does Obama have it in him to come home and lead the charge for international agreements on stopping Syria’s violation of international law on use of chemical weapons, and rally international support for ending the Syrian civil war? This would be a template to stopping the killing and torture of the innocent wherever that is happening in our global civilization? Does he have it in him to announce that the major objective of U.S. foreign is to bring an end to this war by working with and not against humanity? We tried that and it did not go so well. How quickly we forget. The United States of America should work with humanity so that Syria never happens again. He must envision a global society, ruled by law, for we are all in this together. A globe divided serves as a kind of warning. Global laws serve to prevent the slaughter of the innocent by using lawful means to end conflict.

    What is lawful is what we agree is lawful. This will be no less so at international levels of legal development. Law founded in justice grounded in love … this is the way forward.

    This is how President Obama will earn his Nobel Peace Prize. 
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