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Obama on the Defensive Will Loose in 2012
Reflections June 26, 2011jsc

   The only problem for President Obama's re-election in 2012 is that he is on the defensive. Solve that problem and he might even win 55% in 2012, thus giving a clear indication of what a majority of we the people want to see happen in Washington. And that the minority, whoever that is, offers constructive critique on policy out of patriotic duty according to the Constitution. To not cooperate with the will of the majority is "Un-American", and within the scope of treasonable action.

   Let it be said in generations hence that the Democratic party under Obama offered justice and peace as the vision to get us out of the mess we are in. (Law or War) A Nobel Prize for Peace in 2009 for newly elected President Obama was the call of a war ravaged humanity seeking a peaceful end to the age of terrorism. If war and greed, for these go hand in hand are to be our future, let the Democratic party loose 2012, but be on the right side of history. Of course the Republican Party can chose this platform, but as of today, those who favor war and greed have captured the heart of Lincoln's party.

​    We the people in 2012 and 99% of humanity are looking for the leader who can offer a vision of justice and peace to end the global war on terrorism peacefully. We the people see the winds of war are quickening and know that much sacrifice is needed to get on the right course. We the people are looking for that leader that we may be "America's 'next great' generation." by taking the next steps to bring peace to humanity; first step, outlaw terrorism, by definition, war unbounded by law. 

   We the people of the children of the "flower power" generation will prove to our Founders that we are not as indolent and greedy as we look. 

   But we the people not finding him or her to put forth a vision will put the conservatives back in power as our default position in history. It is our way of saying, greed and war have their way; bring it on, let's get the real revolution going. It is also elemental human psychology that people will follow a strong leader who is wrong headed, and not a weak leader who is right thinking. 

   To say a lot is a stake, cannot be overstated. We the people need a clear choice in 2012 between those who stand for peace and justice, and those who do not. If Obama remains in a defensive mode he will loose in 2012. And, perhaps with that the last hope for a leader who can lead humanity away from World War III. And, while a good defense can win games on a fair playing field, but since there is none with the gutting of fair communication regulations, there is a greater likelihood in 2012 that people like Roger Ailes of Fox News will fulfill their vows to “destroy” Obama. 

   Let us remember: From day one Obama was told he would get no cooperation from the minority on anything that smacked of "socialism", even though he was given a clear victory for his "socialist" ideas. And the minority true to its word gave him nothing and the voters rewarded conservatives in 2010. Part of the problem for Obama is that liberals are looking for a strong leader in the principles of social justice and peace, and not finding one, are thinking we may as well put the foxes back in the henhouse. Why not restore power to those whose policies for the last 30 years, domestic and foreign, got us into the mess we are in? Let the rape of the working and middle classes continue unabated, for we know based on historical example that at some point in time we the people will rebel. The impoverished are victimized, so they too suffer disproportionately. 

   God help us all, whatever our virtues as a people we are also a violent people. We got a lot of guns and ammo in the backyard. When our equivalent of the storming of the Bastille time comes, we will make the rabblerousing and killing during the French Revolution look like a tea party. 

   I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend of 47 years. We were through "Nam" together as civilians in "hearts and minds" programs, and we have stories to tell. His a navy background, but for reasons of personal choice became the ultimate hippie and moved to WV and with not a little difficulty did build by hand a beautiful almost self sufficient homestead. His place is our gathering point for those of us in his kinship and friendship network when the next "event" happens. His beautiful wife, a "natural woman" if ever there be, understands having guns is part of surviving in VW.

   As we talked about the dangerous future we see we found ourselves figuring out how to defend his property in VW. He reports that one of his daughters married a man trained at Sandhust who is sharing his ideas for a property defense plan with 50 cal guns. My friend's wife is even learning how to shoot guns. Last we talked by phone I could hear the, "pop pop" of gunfire. Such are the times in a slice of mid-America. Hippies and red necks defending home turf, not from the government they were told to fear, but from the hoards fleeing from the cities come in search of food and water, all victims of a social contract to making millionaires the priority. No common good ever comes of making profit king. 

   This is our situation: We the people live in a country on the way to being the equivalent of a banana republic. The top four hundred families of we the people hold more of our collective wealth the bottom one hundred and eighty million of us. Their defensive position is this: the wealthy are hoping their wealth will protect them from the catastrophe they are spawning. Some of them even seek this end. They take comfort in the fact that their conservative Republican politics dominate the air waves. Not just here but world-wide. They rejoice in the spiraling costs of the military industrial complex, vote for drastic cuts in taxes on big business and the ultra-rich, seeking to starve the beast, to eliminate government regulations on monopolization and environmental pollution and workers’ rights, all in the name of corporate profit. Libertarian-republican-conservative-Christians warn if we the people will not cooperate and vote for their policies, be afraid. Very afraid of liberals and socialist, for they are the real enemy, even though there is no real liberal voice in mainstream conversation (Death of the Liberal Class). They tell a story based on fear of the catastrophe to come if the wealthy do not get their way as promulgated no less and most of all on Fox News. The irony of the name should not escape notice as fear keeps the working classes working harder and longer for less pay, while the wealthy get even wealthier. This is greed, one of the seven deadly sins. Jesus would not approve of this alliance of church and state. (Love) 

   More to the point: The state of our social contract stands against the "general welfare" clause of our beautiful Constitution.  Romney, Bachman, whoever seeks the GOP candidacy for the presidency, bring them on; let's see what we the people will choose when given the choice between a Democratic platform of justice and peace and a Republican platform based on war and greed. 

   Barrack H. Obama owes the people of the world a vision for peace. It was for the hope of peace and justice that he was granted the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a great weight, to step up to the plate and let the fates decide our future. His act of bravery will not go unnoticed in history. 

   I urge him to earn re-election in 2012, to stand up for justice and peace and see who among us will stand with him. The Democratic Party in 2012 has a duty to "we the people" to give us a choice. Law or war; in which do we place our trust? 

   Republican War and Greed Democrat Law and Sharing 

   The Republican view grounded in the  Neo-Conservative idea that the 21st Century is to be "America's Century" to make war and make money, and the Democrat position grounded solidly in the first line the Consitution

   Avoiding World War III could be at stake?

   And, that a thousand years from now it may be recorded that the Democratic Party's platform in 2012 was on the right side of history. And that voters, win loose or draw had a chance to record their position on the matter of war or law in 2012.
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