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Ten Principled Charter
 A Roman Catholic Church Transformed
August 2014

Principle One: Gender Equality. The path to a female pope in God’s good time opened. 

Principle Two: Married Priesthood. With gender equality it follows, priests, male and female. For the first thousand years our tradition had married clergy who in the end went power mad. Let’s do it right this time. Some priests chosen to live as monks, a mystery between them and God. 

Principle Three: Sex. Alert, a major upgrade is needed. It is fair to say when the truth is revealed that the Church’s teaching on sex and reproduction is so out of date comparisons with Galileo will not be out of the question. Sexual orientation, conception and abortion seen in the light of reason through the eyes of truth as knowledge into the mystery of these ordinary matters deepens, we see more clearly the nature of sex. A transformed Church will have an inclusive understanding of the nature of family, heterosexual, one man and one woman, only one form of many kinds of family. 
Reason and faith reconciled. 

Principle Four: Sacred Doctrine Ordinary Teachings. The imposition of singularity where there is plurality is unjust. The center held by sacred doctrines  that hold the essential message of Love that unites all within this tradition.  One before God. The ordinary teachings a matter of informed and educated conscience, based on science and divine revelation.  

Principle Five: Marriage. Marriage both ordinary marriage and sacred. If ordinary no fault annulment … when love becomes destructive, time to call off the marriage, but not the legitimacy of progeny. At seven ordinary couple after preparation classed can take sacred vows of life long marriage.

Principle Six: Human Life. The sanctity of human life a continuing refrain echoed through the centuries. Our tradition needs to adjust the refrain to reflect new knowledge and deeper understandings of what is human life and most so in the matter of love and sex. For sex and love are surely the essence of being human. Gifts from our God of Love. 

The existence of love as is such the Nature of God obvious to reason and that sex comes from God proof that we are created in the image of God “male and female”. 

Principle Seven: Mystical. Only through the mystical eyes of Love can we see truly our Sacramental Nature. Our mystical monastic traditions honored. 

Principle Eight: Democratized. How democracy will look in a Church Transformed will be a matter for careful reflection, but a Transformed Roman Church will be democratized in matters ordinary, but never a democracy in matters sacred. Ordinary changeable and of conscience, sacred unchangeable and of God.  

Principle Nine: Social Justice. In this our Church’ message is so in line with Jesus, we just have to do more of the message of justice, better. Support the development of global institutions of justice as Pope Benedict taught. 

Principle Ten: Separated and Boundaried: Church and State are co-creators, the Church under God, the State under Justice, in building a civil social order. The powers of state and church are separated and boundaried. When these boundaries are crossed, as history shows, too much power in one or the other leads to grave injustice. How that boundary will look in any given situation an evolving question related to culture and tradition. 

Rationale Ten Principled Charter 
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Copyright © 2012 World of Nations By 2020. All Rights Reserved.
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