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In 2012 the doomsday clock was set at five minutes to  midnight. 
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Support Trump Effort on North Korea
April 11, 2018
   First, Jae-in is elected peace president of South Korea. Second, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un bluster war. Third, at the Winter Olympics, teams from North and South stand side by side. Next, North Korea extends invitation to Trump to come to North Korea and talk peace. Trump accepts. Recently, South Korea and U.S.A. agreed to a bilateral trade deal, a sign of solidarity. Kim goes to China to get ducks in a row. Something is happening in Korea. 

   Trump and Kim are expected to meet face to face to do what diplomats not able to do, end the tensions that threaten WWIII. Jesus approves enemies talking to arrive at a Grand Korean Peace.

   Are we looking at a 2018 Nobel Prize for Peace here? 

   Intelligence is favorable: Sources indicate Kim will denuclearize with a defense treaty signed by Russia, China, South Korea and Japan ratified by the United Nations, passed by our Congress and signed by our president.

   Will all parties sign; will U.N. approve; will the Congress make that treaty law?

   Of all parties concerned, I am most concerned about “we the people” demanding our Congress do so. Will we?

   We must praise Trump for his boldness of vision, wish him great success, and let him know that in the matter of ending Korean War, “we got your back.”

   It’s the patriotic thing to do.

   A grand Korean peace 2018 - setting the path right for our children.