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World of Peoples
The Age of Peace
World Without War by 2050
World of Nations by 2020
Justice the Answer to War
Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
Our Choice
The Age of Catastrophe or The Age of Peace
Our Call
The Age of Peace 2050 Project
Our Vision
League of Nations, United Nations, World of Nations, World of Peoples, The Age of Peace

It Is a Matter of Imagination and Collective Human Will.
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Take a Stand to End War Forever in PeaceMonk2050Park
PeaceMonk Calls Out 2018

  I am PeaceMonk.  You can see me on the north east corner of Avenue War and Peace Street.  "End War Forever", my cry. End War Forever words spoken to me by Jesus, face to face, to become the mission of PeaceMonk. 

   I am PeaceMonk among those warning of a catastrophic future for our children's children on present course. 

   I am PeaceMonk war is of human making and so can be undone. 

   I am PeacMonk pleading Humanity to become the  Global Generation to finish what our grandparents started. Enforce the Kellogg Briand Pact, the law to end war they gave to us. We do it for our children's children sake. 

  I am PeaceMonk  crying out End War Forever  because it is the right thing to do. Period. By any measure End War Forever is of what is Love. 

   For these two reasons because it is right and just in and of itself, and because failure to do so places our children's children in grave jeopardy.

  For these two reasons stand with me in PeaceMonk2050Park on the north east corner of Avenue War and Peace Street. Lend your signature, Occupy Space in the Park. Our intent, when ready,  for there is much work to prepare for success,  is to march a cheering Humanity down Peace Street and End War Forever. That is the story PeaceMonk is asking you to be part of ... a billion strong in PeaceMonk2050Park calling out "End War Forever" will make the headline news on CNN. Change the headline story from war and profit to peace through justice and change the course of history. We can do it if enough Believe. 

   PeaceMonk pledges that your name will not be sold or used in any manner other than as a signature in EndWarForeverGuestBook.

   And I ask on one day each year September 21, International Peace Day ...  people the world over in parks, squares, corners and streets celebrating the gift of peace. No angry marches, no bitter speech ... on one day war is done. Imagine one day at a time the global trust building, then two days ... and so on ... that by 2050 "I am Humanity" accomplishes a great achievement in human development and ends war forever. All this doable.

 Future generations shall sing onto eons the praises of this First Global Generation, for finishing what their great grandparents started that Second Global Generation live in the Age of Peace. What a gift to our children's children ... sign in ,"let's roll". A Billion Strong. 
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