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The Middle Ground to a World Without War
The Age of Peace
January 17, 2014jsc
   Attached is an essay by James T. Ranney, Adjunct Professor of Law, Widener Law School, entitled, BLUEPRINT FOR LASTING PEACE: The Peace Plan of Five Past American Presidents. 

   In my experience in discussing the concept of a world without war, except for a minority, opinions split into two groups. The first group imagines a utopian non-violent humanity. And, believing this not feasible, like war or not they conclude war is inevitable. The second group leaps to an imagined all powerful and implicitly evil global government that will take away all freedoms, and they conclude from within this mindset, better the devil we know. 

   And, from within the frameworks of each argument the right answer is war. There is a minority who sees a middle way to a humanity not ruled by war. 

    It is this middle way that can be the next step to a world without war, a humanity ruled by justice, for want of a name a World of Nations.  This middle ground is excellently outlined, both in theory and in fact, by the writings  of James T. Ranney.  

   A world without war is in the making, a humanity at peace a reality. 

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