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United States Intransigence Will Lead to Korea Peace Failure
August 9, 2018jsc 


   The story line is clear U. S. takes a hard line game plan in Korea Peace negotiations. North Korean hardliners are whispering in Kim Un’s ear, “You cannot trust these Americans, they disrespect us”. The forces favoring war are in charge on both sides. 

   The generally tepid American response to Korea peace indicative of a state of collective consciousness, a citizenry, perhaps by social design predisposed to war … perhaps been at war for so long are suffering from PTSD. The Koreans see this and hesitate. 

   Trust a cardinal virtue to end this war and remove nuclear arms.  Building the trust and good will of the Korean and American peoples … the enemies of one generation often great friends in the next. 

   To build trust U.S.A. lifts all sanctions, so that North Koreans can feel the economic benefits of peace. They also a war traumatized people. Lifting sanctions the just thing to do, and the quickest way to Korea Peace.

   Jesus makes it clear if you cannot love your enemy as is taught, talking to them in good faith to end war the next best thing.  Let’s give negotiators for Korea Peace the game plan to succeed. Empathy: Each side willing to give the other what it needs to feel safe, as all sides “stand down” step by step from war and all sides build up step by step trust in peace. A time for healing to begin … and perhaps in time reunion of this noble people. Soft power. 

   As of now United States intransigence guarantees failure of Korea Peace, so I assume the powers that be on our side, are either blind, or cunningly undermining Korea Peace.  

   Psalm 120 v. 7: “I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for fighting”. 

  The true prophet speaks not of the future, but of the present danger. The conversion of the people of Nineveh a lesson for us to consider. 

   Do we have the courage to look in the mirror and demand our leaders a change of heart? Korea Peace hangs in the balance. 
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