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White To Be Fall Color In Northeast This Weekend
Published - Oct 28 2011 06:14PM EST
By PAT EATON-ROBB - Associated Press
HEBRON, Conn. —
   "This is very, very unusual," said John LaCorte, a National Weather Service meteorologist in State College, Pa. "It has all the look and feel of a classic midwinter nor'easter. It's going to be very dangerous."
And It Was. 
October 2011jsc
   What goes up has to come down, and vice versa; a regression to the mean, a well known statistical reality. 

  That atmospheric mean levels of heat on land ands sea are rising globally is a statistical reality. I say trust the numbers, for, whatever the cause, this is fact. The Arctic will be pure ocean water in summer probably well before the twenty years now predicted for that to happen. It already is open water in many locations where this has never been the case. What normally takes centuries using historical catastrophic climate change as the measure, is now happening in decades. 

   There have been mean atmospheric heat fluctuations in the recent past, as for example the "Little Ice Age" in between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. True enough, we may be entering another mini ice age. However statistical projections based on current data predicts that mean atmospheric temperatures will not come down for centuries, well after humanity has exhausted all carbon fuels.

   The statistical projection looks credible. Within a couple of decades, with increasingly wild changes in weather patterns, with massive crop failures, with floods of Biblical proportions it will look like the world is coming to an end. But it will not be the end ... the question is what will we call the next age. Suggestion: The Age of Catastrophe. We can foresee commentators of the distant future looking back at this age to come and saying it was filled with the horrors and terrors of hell, in effect making Dante's writings come true. It will be a catastrophe of humanity-shattering proportions. Some day there will be scribes like the Irish monks of old, perhaps even by candlelight, describing and depicting what will come to be known as World War III.

   As of this writing on present course this is inevitable, and time is running short if we want to avoid it. 

   Leaders of the Occupy Wall street movement are morphing the surging desire of humanity for Justice, into a Global Peace Movement. For surely the corruption of government and wall street, the abuse by the money powered has done great harm to main street. It's voice is like John the Baptist, a voice in the wilderness. And many are listening, and they plan for what the fullness of their vision yet to be born. When the values and beliefs behind the Movement that stirred up in the Arab Spring 2011 unite behind one voice on main street, the rule of law can be the order of the day for all humanity. One voice on the net, one voice in the streets. With no visible head, the people behind the voice of the movement, for sure subject to killing by pilotless planes, but hidden in the net. The only way to stop this Movement is to stifle, control and if necessary bring the web down. It will come to that and such an act is an act of a crime against humanity. The voice of the innocent in the streets, on line, chanting in monasteries, standing in church for, and if needed, dying as martyrs for peace to bring about step three in global law. For want of a name, it is referred to here as World of Nations. President Obama, by supporting peace through the rule of law, puts us the United States of America on the right side history. His hand on the tiller of the ship of history, if re-elected can yet earn him his Nobel Peace Prize. But he undermines this by also building our military might by continuing ill-advised and unnecessary wars in Asia. 

   Which will be your legacy, dear President, war or law? World War III or not is in the balance. 

   I wish I could believed I was am overstating my case, as I read the weather tea leaves from New England this October 2011.
World of Peoples 
Justice the Answer to War
Question: Will Humanity take the third step toward global governance before or after 
World War III?
(In 2012 the doomsday clock was set one minute closer to midnight.)
(And, a story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
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